Let go of the pressure

Let go of your idea. Release the pressure from your shoulders and focus on the problem you are trying to solve. It will allow you to react to changes in the environment and to use your ever-deepening understanding and knowledge of the problem area to maintain the motivation and energy needed to keep moving forward.

Blockbuster's mission was:

“To be the global leader in rentable home entertainment by providing outstanding service, selection, convenience and value.”

Netflix mission is:

“To entertain the world.”

Both started renting out DVDs. Who's still around?

Would Netflix have become the streaming behomoth it is today if it had stuck to posting out DVDs? Or, would have followed the fate of Blockbuster? Your original idea is just a stepping stone to get you started.

Let go of the pressure to come up with a great idea. Whatever you come up with it will evolve over time, morph and improve

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